I heard my daughter singing a song the other day and I could have sworn it was U2's "With or Without You".  I was way, way into U2 when Joshua Tree came out and I was thrilled that my daughter knew that song. In short order, I realized she wasn't singing U2 but a recent pop song that just sounded very much like U2.  The song is "Without You" (yes even the titles are similar) by David Guetta and Usher.  David Guetta was one of the performers at the Sun City Music Festival last week.

I'm not the first to notice the similarities. I found a very good mash-up online which you can see and listen to here.

Also, I took Cake Makers mash-up and mashed that up even further.  Here is my mash-up of a mash-up.  When somebody records a song that sounds this similar to a previous and well-known song do they have to pay the original artist? How does that work?