I know it's not Wednesday but, WTF??

Apartment residents in Castle Rock Colorado were recently given an ultimatum by the managers of his apartment complex.  Get rid of all guns or be evicted.

No one has done anything wrong.  (Waving guns around, threatening people, etc...) One of the residents, Art Dorsch, is a 77 year old former Marine and licensed hunter.  He and all other residents (some hunters, others armed for defensive or protective purposes) got the notice August 1st.

After being questioned about this policy, the apartments board board of directors said they were "unaware of it" and would "not enforce it".  Meanwhile residents of the complex, which was bought with public funds, MUST sign the agreement to live there and the "no guns" provision remains in it.

Sure, you can have any kind of policy you want on your own property but to try and take away a fundamental .... a constitutional ... right from a group of individuals "just 'cuz" is wrong.

What do you all think?  Whether you own your home or rent it, can anyone take away your right to "keep and bear arms" in it?