Friday morning, a man dressed as Marvel's beloved anti-hero, Deadpool was confronted by cops on a Sydney Train. Someone on board freaked out when they saw Reuben Rose dressed up in a Deadpool costume, complete with fake weapons. Funny thing is, Deadpool just finished some charity work and was just riding the train home.

Cops showed up in bulletproof vests to confront Deadpool, who was carrying imitation  weapons like guns, swords and grenades.  After sharing some info with Rose, cops let him go, but warned him to call them before he heads out on the streets as Deadpool again.

Rose had a very good reason for wearing the costume. He was actually participating in a fundraising campaign dubbed superhero week for Westmead Children's Hospital's Bear Cottage.

Before Rose was confronted by the cops, he posted a video of himself dancing with a passenger on the train. He looks like someone you want to take home to mom, not call the cops on!


By the way, if you love Deadpool, you might be excited to see this leaked footage.