A recent poll suggests that a majority of Americans are for the legalization of marijuana and it's the first time that has ever happened!

According to a recent Gallup survey, 58% of Americans are for legalizing the ganja!  This isn't the first time the Gallup agency has done a survey on this matter. Their first one, done in 1969, found that only 12% of the population (then) were for legalizing the drug.

Why the change?  Over the years, exposure to newer ... and far more dangerous ... drugs, the growing popularity of alcoholic drinks (as well as the growing problem of alcohol related accidents and crimes), and a general "loosening" of the stereotypes associated with grass have all had an effect on things.  (Not to mention the rising cost of arresting and holding/imprisoning people on mota related charges.)

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Colorado and Washington recently rewrote their marijuana laws, (essentially legalizing it), and 20 states have taken the "medical marijuana" route to legal use! (The government has gone on record saying they will NOT interfere with these states.)  Groups such as NORML have started grass roots efforts all over the country, (even starting a NORML chapter here in El Paso), and they have also done much to sway the public.

58%!!!!  :)

Not to shabby!  What do you think?