The name may sound a bit intimidating but, don't worry.  He is coming for good and peaceful purposes!

The Machine Gun Preacher .. Sam Childers .. is coming to El Paso and the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition is arranging an escort for him.  All local clubs and independent riders are encouraged to meet Saturday morning on the east side.  A motorcycle motorcade will escort Sam to Saturdays event.  All who participate and their families will get free admission!

If you're interested in riding with Sam, meet at 2077 N. Zaragosa .. near Sunfire .. at noon. (KB Realty) Parade will leave at 12:30 for Nuevo Pacto Church at 1401 Lomaland.

EP Motorcycle Coalition

The Machine Gun Preacher was a genuine, trouble making badass; immersed in a world of fights, sex and drugs until he found God and turned his life around.  Seeing a young boy torn to pieces by a landmine in Sudan led him to build an orphanage in an area terrorized by a rebel militia that had kidnapped 30 thousand children and murdered hundreds of thousands of villagers.

Sam would not be scared off though and his work continues today. A couple of movies have been made with or about him.  Learn more by clicking the links above and see him for yourself Saturday at Nuevo Pacto Church.

You can also hear him tell his amazing story tomorrow morning with Buzz Adams and The KLAQ Morning Show at 8am!