A pair of vids for you today peeps! Korn recently did one for Love And Meth and see what happened to the chick from Warrants Cherry Pie Video!

Korn continue to just kill it with "The Paradigm Shift"!  "Never, Never" is number one on active rock radio charts, the concerts are selling out and the videos kick ass to!  Here is the latest one for "Love And Meth"!  Currently, they're out on the Night Of The Living Dreads tour with Rob Zombie.

That's what's new on video. Now, here's a classic.  Lot's of love here, the meth came later apparently.

Warrant had guys drooling back in the day thanks to Bobbie Brown in their video for "Cherry Pie".  Bobbie was dating one of the Nelson bros at the time but left him for a life of addiction, infidelity, alcohol and drugs with Jaime Lane.  (And then a slew of other rockers and actors from the 80's and 90's including Tommy Lee.)

These days, she's all cleaned up, trying to be a good Mommy to the daughter she never really spent any time with and doing that ridiculous "ex wives of rock" TV show.


And then!

(I'm more of a "then" fan myself!)