The Sexy Food Truck Lady

What up, ya'll? This here Smoove B. Loveman with yet another lesson in How to Get Yo' Freak On. Today, lesson #345…the lady food truck worker.


  Check it out. You have recently started eating downtown on Mills street where all the food trucks set up and serve lunch. Now, if you are like me, you believe a good food truck is like a good poonannny: Nice, clean, and not a lot of people eat there. Suddenly, you see her…a curvaceous,buxom brunette serving Fajita kabobs out the side of a bright red '58 Streamline trailer. You can tell by the way she handles those meat sticks that you must make her acquaintance...    

Now, here a few patented Smoove B. Loveman lines you just might want to try:


  1. Hey, there luscious. I think you must be a health code violation. Because you have fine written all over you.


2. Are you ready to take my order, beautiful?. Ok, here it goes. Take off your shirt.



      3. Mmm, mmm, mmm...Girl, you should be selling hot dogs. 'Cause you sho'nuff know how to make a Weiner stand.



4. Say now, sexy lady. Do you know the difference between a hamburger and a hummer? You don’t? In that case, give me a hamburger.



  Use any or all of these Smoove B. Loveman lines and soon you and this roach coach cutie will be having your own bar-b-que, as you stick your meat up in her grill. And as you make that trailer of hers rock all night long she will know that you are a love man indeed. Until next time this here Smoove B. Loveman...ya’ll keep it freaky, now. Damn.