Borderland bands, check this out!!

Cruising The Clubs has met it's end.  Don't be sad though, we have something better for you guys!!

No more missed msgs, no more unread notes from DJ to DJ and no more misunderstandings about your gigs.  (IE; he said Sunday at The House Of Rock but it was actually Monday at The Rock House.)

You know what I mean.......

Now, YOU guys are in charge!!  Simply post all your gig info on the new "events calendar" at by filling out a simple form!  (It's on the nav bar, click it then click on "submit an event"!)

Damn we're smart.  While you're online; tell us if you're interested in playing Balloonfest or the Downtown Street Fest.  I'd imagine the answer is yes but hey, we're not mind readers.

Let us know you're willing ... we'll take it from there!