Is the video as bad as we all assume? Or at least I assume it is?


The video brings you what you would expect from Limp Bizkit: backstage video, sexy girls wearing next to nothing, huge crowd shots, and Wes rocking his on stage make-up. This video took me back to the late 90's when you first saw the video for "Faith." The difference in this video? They have added Lil Wayne to this song to rap in the middle of it. Plus I did enjoy getting to see Wes Borland putting his make-up on, the process is indeed as long and arduous as I imagined.

Fred Durst also shows us his love for middle class America, performing in front of a typical American house, a sexy woman inflating a giraffe kiddie pool and frolicking in it, not to mention the sexual innuendos using a leaf blower.

Am I impressed by this new video? Not really. But it is what Limp Bizkit is known for and what they are good at. If you're a Limp Bizkit fan you are going to love this video. If you never were, don't waste your time. You still won't like them. Check the video out for yourself and see what you think.