A few weeks ago, Randy Blythe and Lamb of God were arriving in the Czech Republic to perform a show, and basically a SWAT team was at the airport awaiting them. They proceeded to arrest the vocalist and lock him away for the manslaughter of a fan from a previous show. To make matters worse, once bail was set, and the band sent in the money, they refused to release him and denied him the release!

What's going on now? They want more money!

It has been decided that Randy will not go free until he can produce $400,000 now! The original bail was already $200,000! But THEN, the prosecutor can still weigh in on THAT, and Randy might still be denied release on bail. This would mean he'd stay in prison for up to six months before his trial. The band's management is currently awaiting the official bail conditions which need to be issued within 48 hours of the bail decision.

After seeing the videos, it doesn't look like Randy was rough enough with the fan on stage to warrant charge of manslaughter, and the security guy seemed more forceful than the singer. Why isn't the security guy in prison, too? Not that I'm blaming that guy, either. After the tragic events surrounding Dimebag Darrell's murder on stage, I don't blame bands for not wanting random people jumping on stage. Things went from friendly fans getting up there to stage dive, not really spending much time on stage, to idiots getting up there trying to hug bands, fights, and then murder.

I'm paying money to see a band perform, not some jack-hole jump up on stage and interrupt the show. Get back into the crowd and enjoy the music and show. If you want to be on stage, form your own damn band!

How the US is letting this go without any intervention is beyond all understanding. If this was Justin Bieber, there would be armed forces gathering on the Czech border with demands that he be released to us. But since it's just "some metal guy", no one seems to care enough to get anything done.

For more details on the whole story, and lots of quotes from bands and management about the entire situation, check these out.

To contribute to the Randy Blythe Defense Fund, follow this link.