Well, for those about to rock...SHE SALUTES YOU!!!! And if you take her stuff she'll throw the frying pan at you as well. Joyce Coffey of New Hampshire was arrested FOUR TIMES in the course of 26 hours for playing her AC/DC too loud. The first time, she was giving a warning for playing too loud. The second time they came back, they arrested her for the noise disturbance. Five hours later, she still couldn't get enough of "Highway to Hell" and was arrested AGAIN. The last time she was arrested for throwing a frying pan at her nephew when he tried to remove some of his stuff from her house. Maybe she just felt the need to change it up a bit this time ya know?

News outlets tried to get a comment from Coffey but she was in jail at the time. Umm, I assumed that much. However, her HILARIOUS judge recommended she use headphones next time. I recommended she have better aim at her nephew.

If you look at the progression of her pictures from the headshots, she seems to get a little happier with her day. I vote it was a successful day for her as well. I salute you Joyce Coffey!