SUCH A-HOLES! Can you believe they threw a cat off the Insights building AND an I-10 overpass?! Well, it’s because we didn’t. It was all a prank. No cats were injured in the making of the prank, but nearly 12 years later, we’re still getting emails like this...

A “fan” send us this email Friday after learning about the suicide of nurse Jacintha Saldanha.

Let us be VERY clear. There was never a cat involved. We never even left the station. We “broadcasted” from the bathroom of our station as a prank for Groundhog’s Day.

Here was the premise- We wanted to conduct our own Groundhog’s Day experiment, but didn’t have any groundhogs available. So we asked, what DO we have a lot of? Stray cats! So we said, “Okay, we’ll take this “cat” and drop it from the I-10 overpass and if it lands on its feet and doesn’t get hit, we’ll have 6 more weeks of winter." But, don’t worry. We put a helmet on him. It was made of a lime, a "lime-helmet".  Well, it was all a joke... we never even had a cat and we’re certainly too lazy to walk down to the I-10 overpass.

The following year we played the same prank. This time pledging to throw the cat, Pepe, off the Insights Museum. OH, the humanity!!

So now, years later, we’re STILL receiving hate mail and phone calls. Some people just can’t take a joke.

Want to meet Pepe? Meet him below. He’s actually a stuffed raccoon, because, well, that’s what we had. And yes, that IS Ozzy Osbourne behind him, because this is a damn rock station and he is our God.



Shout out to Alfonso Grado who is clever enough to know it was all a joke and sent us this “Grumpy Cat” meme. Have a funny photo for us? Send it to us here.