Another year, another raft that doesn't work for the KLAQ crew. The brave men who decided to represent KLAQ during the 2014 Great River Raft Race, spent more time in the river, than on the boat. There was one guy who did ride his way to the finish line, can you guess who it was?

Yes, Buzz Adams of the KLAQ Morning Show decided to ride his way to the finish line, while the rest of the crew pushed the large raft to the end. These men had no oars or sticks to help paddle the raft, so they used man power the whole time.

I applaud the men who struggled to get this thing to the end, especially Super Mario, Mando 'Monster' Medina, and even Buzz. To show my appreciation, I decided to make them a quick video of their epic finish.

I couldn't help but laugh at they way the KLAQ crew finished the race. I already received my karma, by being bit by a huge bug while filming this video, so sorry for the shakiness. Don't worry guys, there is always next year!