Get ready, Borderland. We’re bringing you another round of Q Hottie Battle.


This week we have two girls who both want to be crowned this week's "Hottie." A sexy girl from Madrid and a pole dance instructor. Guys, get ready to drool. And ladies, you'll want to take classes from the other!

The winner of this battle will win an exclusive, can’t-buy, only-for-hotties, T-shirt.



So here we go! Vote for which one you think is the hottest!



Meet Claudia: KLAQ has always been one of my favorute radio stations. You guys sure know how to still play good music, great bands and not like others that play Justin Beiber or some trash like that 10 times per minute ;) I came form Madrid, Spain and although I have an accent, I think I have a nice personality and I appreciate everything in life. So, hopefully you guys consider me to be your hottie :)



And now it's time for you to meet Laura: I am 26 and from Woodland California . My hobbies are crocheting and exercising on a pole, stripper pole that is. I'm not a stripper though, I just like the fitness aspect of it. I'm actually a pole fitness instructor and love it. I'm currently going to school and my plan is to eventually apply and go to PA school.