This KLAQ fan is a new listener but his dad wanted us to know how much he supports us. Not to mention, he looks like a good rider too!

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Listener Pic

This week our KLAQ Facebook fan is Jonathan Guzman. His father Sam Guzman, sent this in to the Q:

"My son Jonathan should be your fan of the week, because he's a new fan. Saturday we stopped by Viva Motorsports to pick up some motorcycle parts for a race on Sunday. KLAQ was there promoting Viva and gave Jonathan some pizza, soda and a KLAQ sticker.

Jonathan thought that was so cool, he put the sticker on his racing decals. Jonathan got 2nd place. Notice the attache photo against the KLAQ billboard and the KLAQ sticker on his bike. He's not taking that sticker off anytime soon. (You guys should sponsor this kid!) "

Well Jonathan, come down to the KLAQ studios and we can give you some cool KLAQ gear to make you look like you're sponsored by the coolest station in El Paso!