Scott Ronson always gets the strangest e-mails. I will share this one about tractor pull tickets.

Hey Ronson,  I was out plowing on my traktur and couldn't call in; so, here is the conversation if I had been able to call.

I am one of them white types; so, my neck sure gets red when pulling a plow under the El Paso sun. but all the Hispanic neighbors really like me and they even call me by the Spanish nickname they gave me - Ejol.
Ejol - I'm calling about them there free tickets and hadda a coupla questions.
Scott - Ok, how can I help you?
Ejol - How many tickets are there in that family pack of four?
Scott - There are 4 tickets for your whole family
Ejol - My whole family got 6 in it
Scott - Well kids under 12 are free.
Ejol - Good, I got 4 kids and that is way under 12
Scott - I meant to say kids 12 years old or younger are free.  Just who all is in your family.
Ejol - Well, all the people in my family are all my kinfolk.
Scott - How many boys and girls and are any of them under 12 years old?
Ejol - Ok, now let's see....I'm a boy and my wife is a girl.  Then we got 2 sons that are boys and one of them is about 10 years old or so.  Then there's the 2 darters that are girls and one of them is just borned so she ain't even a year old yet.  So I figure that we got 2 boys - me and one son, then there would be 2 girls - my wife and one darter.  Then we got them 2 that is under 12 years old.  So do you figure we could all get in with that there family pack of 4?
Scott - Yes the four tickets will be enough for your family.
Ejol - That's good but how did you figure that out so fast - did you add or multiply?
Scott - Well you had 2 boys and 2 girls that needed tickets so I added 2 and 2 together to get 4.
Ejol - Oh so you added.  That's good cause I thought maybe you were going to have to multiply 2 and 2 and we wouldn't have had enough tickets.
Scott - there anything else i can help you with?
Ejol - Is it going to make any difference that my wife is also my cousin and is pregnant again - she ain't gonna count as 3 is she?  I'd sure hate for just me and her to go and have to leave the kids at home with grandma/aunt ida.
Scott - Hangs up!!!