Jon Bernthal played Shane on Walking Dead, and since being killed off on that show (twice) he's gone on to star in blockbuster movies like Wolf of Wall Street and Fury with Brad Pitt. This week his new movie Sicario opens in wide release.

Sicario, which received a limited release last month, is opening this week across the country, and is partially set in Juarez. The movie focuses on the U.S. / Mexico border and members of a joint task force who are working to track down a drug lord.

Bernthal plays Ted, a character he says "appears to be one thing and turns out to be something far different" and he compared the tension of the flick to that of Silence of the Lambs.

"You go around and promote movies and promote things you're in, but this one it's easy because I believe in it so much," Bernthal told the Morning Show.

Bernthal also talked about playing Shane on The Walking Dead and the impact that the role has had on his career, and also discussed being the new Punisher on Daredevil.

We also spoke with Bernthal about his time playing minor league baseball in Russia, marrying into an already famous family and his musician cousin. You can check the full interview below and catch Sicario in theaters now.

Check out the trailer for Sicario: