Its a new year. Its a new season, and she's back!

Jillian Michaels announced back in September that she will be returning for Season 14 of The Biggest Loser. The reasons: she missed coach Bob Harper, very excited to meet Dolvett Quince and mainly because this season features youngsters (something we should all focus on ... our kids!)

She had struggled with weight gain herself as a child and knows the difficulty in it (I know ... I would have never guessed it either). During an episode of The Doctors in 2009, she showed a photograph of herself at the age of 12 where she was weighing 175lbs. By the age of 14, she took control when her mother signed her for Martial Arts classes; and by the age of 17 she was already working as a personal trainer.

Michaels is involved in various charities as well as an adviser to the National Day of Dance for Heart Health, an organization that encourages people to exercise, have fun, laugh, learn and dance for a healthier heart (That's one of the reasons I became a personal trainer myself. I am inspired by her and her love for helping people).

When asked for how long will be around this time, she said that as long as they would have her and that she has no plans to leave. (She was previously in The Biggest Loser until Season 11, where she left the show to pursue new things.)