Did your team make it to the playoffs this year??

Well, if your a cowboys fan you know the outcome of your season every year!!!!

So, this is Ronson's picks for this weekend.

1)  The way Houston has been playing you don't know what team will show up. I really believe that the Bengal's can go in and walk out with the win.

2)  I HAVE to pick my VIKINGS, Do they have a chance on this rematch in Green Bay? Hell's Yea!!!!

3) The Baltimore/Indianapolis game I believe will be the 2nd best of this weekend. I flipped a coin on this pick and the Colts win with heads!

4) OK, The best game this weekend will be Seattle at Washington. Because RG III is not 100% and Morris cannot carry the team the whole game, I have picked Seattle to leave with a huge "W".


Well, what do you think of Ronson's picks???