Wednesday morning Buzz was asked to fill in for the Mexican Food Cook-Off when one of the Mariachi bands dropped out of the battle. Buzz immediately thought of Ray to play guitar and sing, so the calls began. Here's a little behind-the-scenes look into the making of a silly performance!

It was talked about in vague terms until Friday morning, when it was decided that the "band" would get together on Friday night to rehearse a little bit a decide which songs to play during the short set at the Mexican Food Cook-Off. The boss Kevin suggested that we play Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song", and we could turn the "Ah Ah Ahhhh AH!" in the song into "Ay Yi Yiiii YI!"

So there was one song down.

Buzz suggested playing "Folsom Prison Blues". He's a huge Johnny Cash fan, and he knew the song already, so that was one we could pull off easily. It's a basic 12-bar blues I-IV-V, we just didn't capo the guitars to play it in F. We left it in E. (Sorry, geek-talk. It won't happen again.)

Ray had worked out a really cool version of Dio's "Rainbow in the Dark" that we picked up really quickly, so that one made it in easily. Really good adaptation of the song, without the hard to perform vocals of RJD, or the ridiculous guitar wizardry that Vivian Campbell had in the original. We're simple guys with acoustic guitars here.

The tricky bit was the last song. Buzz had some great ideas for doing some pop songs, and came in with a bunch of different lyrics printed, we just had to put something together that worked. Justin Bieber was an easy choice, being a simple song, and funny to do. During the process, we noticed so many similarities with the song structure to old 1950's songs, and the medley began to take shape. We heard some Eddie Money "Be My Little Baby" in there as well.

This one took the longest to work out, to get all the parts together, and since none of us really knows the pop music that well, we had troubles with that pesky "Pumped Up Kicks" thing. Not playing it, just getting the words out and segueing from the Bieber/Money/50's medley thing.

Ray already knew "El Rey", and we knew that he could jump right into that anywhere, so we added that to the medley.

The final piece was when Ray began to play "Talk Dirty To Me", and that suddenly became the end of the medley. There was a lot of laughter all around as we worked out this pop medley, and we all knew it would be the hit of the show. If you want to see the video of the actual performance before anyone else, make sure you sign up for the KLAQ Newsletter, as those people will get to see it first!

I managed to sneak some video of the rehearsal, so you can see a little glimpse into the making of a silly band, one night before a show in front of 1,500 people who have been enjoying talented musicians all day. No pressure or anything, right? (And yes, this was all put together while Ray was on the air Friday night. He's a beast!)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Mexican Food Cook-Off this weekend, and for sitting through our little not-very-serious set! It was fun, and we hope you guys had as much fun as we did! Maybe Mariachi Los Huevos Magnificos will make another surprise appearance somewhere, if you're interested. If you're interested, let us know!

Mariachi Los Huevos Magnificos Rehearsing

Ray Monroe sings "Rainbow in the Dark"

Buzz Adams and Ray Monroe sing "Folsom Prison Blues"