Once again, the conversations and posts on Facebook have made my day. One of my friends posted a link to this great video, where this rocket scientist doesn't understand why no one will help her move deer crossing signs. Those inconsiderate deer just want to cross in the wrong places, so we should move the signs, so the deer will see them somewhere with less traffic and cross there, instead.

This was quickly followed up with this great video, probably from a guy who no longer gets to see this girl nekkid, with this simple, or amazingly complex math question. It just depends on which seat you're in.

This led someone else to post this video, which just...seriously...blows...my...mind. Back off, you guys, she was having a really hard day!

While watching the previous video, I saw the link to this girl's response to her response video. I was totally unaware that the H in MPH is silent, and we don't actually say the word Hour. What the heck was I thinking.

I'm not sure I can continue with this, I'm laughing so hard. But I'm going to try, because I seriously love this girl. I hope she reads this blog and gets in touch with me. All I've ever wanting in life is a woman that can make me laugh, and she has me on the floor right now. Enjoy.

I love these girls, too.

Somebody hook me up.