Tara Reid never really seem like the brightest of the bunch to me and this just topped it.

We all remember Tara Reid from the American Pie movies in where she plays this innocent cute blonde (before surgery). I even loved her ditsy character on Josie and the Pussycats (she's the drummer).

After that she stated that her breasts were uneven and also wanted a six-pack for a movie role (because apparently exercise is overrated) so she had plastic surgery and that's when her lipo-deformity came to life. Guess she didn't read the memo where having uneven breasts is normal because they’re made of mammary gland tissue and fat and have naturally different amounts in each.

Then she surprised us (not really) by appearing in the January / February 2010 Issue of Playboy.

Recently, she was on the show "Shark After Dark" and wanted to 'not sound stupid' and did her research on sharks. Here is what she had to say:



Yeah, I thought it too!