I hadn't really thought about it myself.

A couple of states legalized marijuana in the recent election and, for many, it was a great day.  I think it's time we looked at its benefits.  Those that claim there are no benefits, I would think, must at least acknowledge that it's negative effect on people is nothing compared to those of alcohol, cigarettes and even certain medications.

As the first tentative steps (remember, the feds could still refuse to acknowledge these states and keep marijuana possesion a crime) toward an end to the criminalization of pot are taken. Mexico is speaking up on the subject.

I don't normally give a crap what other countries think of our policies and laws and this is no exception. They can run their country their way, we'll run ours our way ... end of argument.

The article I read today raised 2 questions though.  If we begin growing and distributing our own grass as we do with cigarettes, (and many other crops, legal or otherwise); would it weaken and/or eliminate the cartels? Or would it simply be a bump in the road they'd hardly notice as they continue to supply the rest of the world with various other "items"?

If they're income falls a few billion, how will that affect the Mexican economy?  A little? A lot? Not at all?

Don't get me wrong. I still think we should legalize it and stop locking up Americans who really haven't done anything wrong.  (And I still don't really care what opinion other countries have of our policies.)


Photo by Sion Touhig / Getty Images


I'm just wondering what you guys think.  Would the legalization of marijuana have a detrimental effect on Mexico’s economy and/or the cartels?