It's true!  The little narc keeps records of your calls, your texts and the locations you have visited.  Unless you erase them or disable the app!

I'm sure everyone is already aware that, between the NSA, The CIA, a handful of exes and various advertisers; privacy has become a bit of an illusion.  Now, even your beloved I-phone is keeping tabs on you.  Fortunately you can stop this particular stalker before it rats you out to the _______(fill in the blank)_______!

According to an article at, an I-phone app called "Frequent Locations" stores a history of everywhere you’ve been.  WTF right?  Don't worry though, you can stop it!  All you have to do is:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Select Location Services.
  • Select frequent locations.
  • To see what locations are listed for you, tap the bar under history.
  • Now, go back to frequent locations and hit "Clear History".
  • Then, turn frequent locations off.

That's it!

This is the kind of stuff Judas Priest warned us about you know .......