If you think all those annoying facebook ads suck as much as I do, check this out!!

Facebook has gone ad crazy!  I know they have to make money to but, they've really gotten bad lately. Downright invasive even!

Facebook aren't exactly helpful when it comes to getting rid of these ads.  If you're tired of an ad or find it offensive or something, there is a box you can click that says "I don't want to see this".  That gets rid of the one you don't like but they replace it with another!!

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Now there's some real help!  Social Fixer is a browser add-on that enables you to "strip out" sponsored stories and other crap.  Takes a while to "teach" it what you don't like since you have to constantly block stuff but, once it figures things out it's worth it!  It has a lot of other cool features also!  According to yahoo.com, Social Fixer also allows you to block

specific types of posts (filter out all political posts from “Friend Z” but let you see the cute pics of his kids; filter out all game-related posts from “Cousin K” but let you see all her other status updates), it highlights new comments in a thread, enlarges pictures you hover over, and even tells you when someone has unfriended you.

An even more powerful tool is AdBlock Plus!  This one goes over every page you load, not just facebook and removes the ads!!

Finally, remember facebook loves to use you as a recommendation!  Whenever you "like" something, facebook starts sending messages to your friends saying "so and so likes this" hoping they will be drawn to it as well.  If you don't want to "accidentally endorse" something, go into your account settings.  There, click “ads,” then "ads and friends,” and then click "no one" where it says “pair my social actions with ads for…”.  That will cut down on ads as well!

Now ya' know!!