Ever wonder how to keep your gun close by, but also safely away from anyone else? This new invention might be the coolest thing ever. 

Handguns are the preferred weapon when it comes to defense and, to be truly effective in an emergency, you need to have the pistol handy.  That's a problem though if there are others in the home, especially kids.  They're curious and while you should teach them to shoot and how to properly handle all weapons, you can't necessarily just leave them laying around.  Accidents happen so how do you keep your weapon handy, yet safe?

The Gun Box

Keeping it unloaded or hidden under the bed or on a shelf aren't safe at all.  Your best bet is to lock the weapon up securely and "The Gun Box" has come up with the perfect way to do that!

It's very strong, instantly scans your fingerprints biometrically to allow you access and it even looks cool! You can also get one with an RFID scanner and matching wristband again allowing you and ONLY you instant access!  It's probably going to wind up sitting on your night stand so they made it look cool and it comes with dual USB ports for charging your phone, Ipod, etc.  Pre-drilled anchor holes allow for permanent mounting.

The Gun Box

Brilliant!  (My birthday is in July by the way.......)