I was watching Talking Dead tonight and knew there were a few actors on the show that were British but I never realized how many there are! Almost like we Americans aren't good enough to play our own people. Or maybe we just don't have a large group of actors that know how to kick some butt in a zombie situation. Here's a list of actors on the show who are from the other side of the pond.


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    Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes

    The leader of the good guys was born in Hull and relocated to Bath when he was 10. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

    Getty Images- Frazer Harrison
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    Lauren Cohan- Maggie Greene

    Lauren Cohan was actually born in 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lived in New Jersey for her childhood before moving to the United Kingdom. Despite being born an American, she has the cutest English accent still!


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    David Morrissey- The Governer

    David Morrissey is an English actor and director from Liverpool. He is married to novelist Esther Freud, the great-granddaughter of Sigmund Freud and daughter of artist Lucian Freud.

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    Lennie James- Morgan James

    Lennie James was born to Trinidadian parents in South London. His mother died when he was 12 andafter he and his brother went into a children's home. When he was 16 he was fostered with a social worker who had two older children, and they remain very close.

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