Need a place to stay and work? I was looking at El Paso Craigslist ads and found this "unique offer." The pay is good -- $500 a week for cleaning, and the house you will be staying in is in a good part of town, but the catch is you have to be sexy!

The person who placed the ad says you must love what you do! If the sound of a vacuum, sweet smell of Pine-Sol and pleasure of scrubbing a stranger's fecal stains from the toilet really do it for you, this is the perfect job for you! As long as you're sexy and don't mind doing your job in lingerie while your boss leers at you!


The ad says that along with your cleaning duties, you must be able to strip whenever he says. As far as attire, the anonymous poster isn't specific. I'm wondering if you have to do the French maid outfit, maybe a sexy school girl or just a Victoria Secret Angel look?


I'm not sure if this is legal but if I were a girl, I'd say "Where do I apply?" I've reached out to the person who posted this ad for comment to see if anyone has applied and ask other questions. Oh, and should I point out that he is rich, bored and "always wanted something like this."

I hope the lucky girl to score this "dream job" has better luck than the two characters on Comedy Central's "Broad City" had with naughty housekeeping in this clip:



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