Arkansas School for the Deaf is an institution I know very little about.  I'm sure they are a fine, fine school that gives their hearing-impaired students a top notch education.  Also, they are in Arkansas.

But the really cool thing about ASFTD, and the reason I bring it to your attention,  is their mascot.

Here are a few photos from the school's Facebook. See I you can   figure out what makes their mascot so awesome before I do the reveal.

This is just there Masthead. If you can figure it out already, you are very good.

Here we see some of the students participating in various sporting activities at The Arkansas School for the Deaf.  There are some clues here but you must be keen of eye to catch them.  Have you figured it out yet? Look closer. It's right there on the uniform.

There it is.  They're the Leopards.

The DEAF Leopards!! How awesome is that?!?

I wonder if their marching band plays "Pour Some Sugar on Me"!

I wonder if their quarterback has only one arm!! Get it?! Are you getting it??

Armageddon It!! Boo-yah!

Have any of the students ever gotten in trouble for....Pyromania?!?!

Seriously, I could do this all day but I don't want to cause Hysteria!! BOOM!

As a final thought, if there are any schools for the blind reading this (they have computer braille, I'm assuming) you should follow the Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards example and adopt as your mascot, The Melons. Admittedly, I wouldn't be able to come up with as many puns.