Everyone knows Lauren and I are huge fans of foodville and sadly one of the trucks was hit by a drunk driver. Help save the Foodville food truck Sweet Addiction!


The Sweet Addiction Foodville Food truck is where you can buy delicious cupcakes all over town and has been delighting El Pasoans since 2012. Unfortunately, the truck was hit by a drunk driver June 29th, 2013 and the drunk driver did not have insurance. The owner of the Sweet Addiction food truck also had taken off their own full coverage insurance off of the truck. Now, the owner of the truck is asking for El Pasoans to help her win a contest with Progressive insurance to make her food truck fabulous again and to help save her truck.

Here is her story off the Flo's Fabulous Food Truck website:

Salvaged from Craigslist, this former ice cream truck was in need of some serious TLC when I bought it in early 2012. Out of a job in a down economy and with the dream of starting a small business, I used my teacher retirement fund, 401k’s, and credit cards to repair the 1974 Chevy Step Van and start my mobile cupcake business, Sweet Addiction...

Now my life's savings and months of work are in serious jeopardy, as I do not have the resources to repair the $3,000+ on damages to my mobile food truck. Frankly, I was distraught by this realization, but the Progressive Contest has given me new hope -- and taught me a valuable lesson which I plan on sharing with other small business owners. Simply put, it's too easy for small businesses to pass up full coverage thinking that the premiums are too costly. The problem is that we small business are ill equipped to properly factor the risk we face as we operate our businesses. There's too much at stake, and not getting full coverage insurance has been one of the costliest and most devastating business decisions I have made. With the $5,000 prize money, I plan on resuscitating El Paso’s Sweet truck.

If you want to help owner Laura Trejo win the $5,000 prize you can vote for the Sweet Addiction truck here.