Hellyeah have lost not one but, two long time members!

Hellyeah is one of the hardest working bands ever and, despite a stream of successful CDs and tours, something always seems to go wrong for them.  The new CD "Blood For Blood" is set to be released June 10th.  Good thing that's a little ways off as they need time to replace guitarist Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob "Zilla" Kakaha.

Kyle Sanders of Bloodsimple has been tapped to replace Bob Zilla, no word yet on who will pick up Tribbetts' axe.

Blood For Blood was produced by Kevin Churco and the first single, Sangre Per Sangre (Blood For Blood), will be released April.  Get warmed up for the new stuff with the concert vid below!

Alcohol and volume are required elements for this!  Your boss and/or neighbors are just going to have to understand.