We were all really bummed when Hellyeah had to cancel their Balloonfest appearance because their bus broke down. But, they’re coming back and we have all the details for their upcoming concert!

So, here are the details for the make-up Hellyeah concert.


It’ll be Friday, July 27th. Yeah, it’s a work day, but come on! This is El Paso, home of “Carpe Manana”. Just blow off work for ONE little day and we guarantee to rock your freakin’ face off. The gates to Wet N’ Wild will open at 11 a.m.

If you bring in your Balloonfest ticket, your "make good" ticket, or season pass, it’s FREE.

Advance tickets are $16.99 and available at all Circle- K locations. The price will be$20.99 at the gate or you can come in after 4pm and get in for only $10.00.

Pretty simple, right? So, grab your grill and some hot dogs. Throw your old lady in a skimpy swim suit and be ready for the best make-up concert El Paso has ever seen.

Check out the event page for the concert for all information.

See you there!