New York heavy metal band seeks guitarist. Must have 2 good arms, be willing to travel and have no fear of cameras. 

A cop in New York claimed an arm injury to keep his $90k salary coming while he went on tour with his heavy metal band, Cousin Sleaze.  ("The Police" was already taken.)

Being in a band is a lot easier when you don't have that pesky work thing hanging over you right?  Bringing in 90k helps to!  (It beats living on ramen noodles and "merch money". Do you know how many T-shirts and stickers you have to sell to make 90 grand??)

Photo by Patrick Lux/Getty Images

He claimed some sort of work injury (that happened while he was driving another city employee to the hospital??) prevented him from having full use of his right arm.  Yet he could still shred and wave his arms around like any good metal head would though!

Things seemed to be going ok until Officer Bozo and company posted videos of the band on youtube!

They have several videos up on youtube actually. (Adding insult to injury, they all suck!) This ones called "Walk Of Shame".

Karma Rocks!!