95-5 KLAQ, here we go again ... Motorcycle Monday. A recap of this past weekend and a look ahead at next weekend:

First of all, no doubt about it .. things are just better in Texas!! Houston was the place, the action was nonstop and upsets?? Yep, they were there!!

I said at the beginning of the season that Stewart was pretty much gonna run away with things, unless he wiped it somewhere. Saturday his number came up.

As usual, Styewart runs the fastest laps .. coming in just under 50 seconds .. 48.56 at one point to be exact. However, Stewarts one weakness is that he doesn't let that speed work alone .. he continually rides hard as opposd to smart and sometimes it bites him in the ass. Piling up with Reed and Brayton in turn number 1, he falls to 15th. 15th!! He hasn't seen 15th place since he was 2 .. or since he lapped whoever was 16th. Major upset there. I really think he should ride a bit less aggresively and let his speed make up for what he may lose in a holeshot bid. Reed settles for 17th and Brayton only gets to 19th.

5 laps in and Windham (who DID get the hole shot) is comfy .. about 4 seconds away from the 2nd place rider and just having a good time. For a minute anyway ... Windham bites it hard in the 11th lap, ultimately going out in 19th place with a big fat DNF. (Did Not Finish) Stewarts day is just about over also as he lands on another rider and sends bits of motorcycle everywhere. He's up and running again ... however ... it's all over but the shouting now. Canard and Dungey ... gooooo Dungey ... are fighting hard for the win. Dungey realizing it's now or never really turns up the heat but can't quite bring it home. Canard takes it in a very close finish. Man .... like I said. Texas rox all the time!!

The podium is Canard, Dungey and Villopoto

Points wise, it's a whole new game ...Villopoto leads with 132, Canard is now 3rd with 112 and Stewart falls to 2nd at 123. Theres still a lot of racing left this year though and if Stewart will take my advice, I'm sure that number 1 spot is still alllll his. If anyone in Bubbas' camp wants to call me, I'll be happy to advise the kid!! Right.......

The Lites east had their opener this weekend; Justin Barcia, Dean Wilson and Blake Bagget take the podium there but all eyes were on Malcolm Stewart!  James Stewarts little brothers debut isn't bad .. he takes 14th, but I doubt he'll be back that far for long!  You can tell he rides a lot with big Brother! First race for the lites so the points match the podium.

Locally, this weekend looking for some great weather and a lot of fun with The Chamucos!! There run is on for Sunday .... cmon out and roll around a little, help out a great cause and have some fun. I'll remind you about this later in the week.

Also, email at ggarza@klaq.com for the latest on proposed new legislation. They're trying to ram that stupid Patriot Act through again today. As usual, Washington can't take no for an answer.  I have the info you need to let your representitive know you're against this blatant attempt to force through another stripping of your rights.  Bike or no bike, motocross fan or not; this affects YOU. Send me an email for the info! There it went; fastest couple of minutes in radio .. Motorcycle Monday on KLAQ!!