Halloween is coming around the corner and the majority of people I hear talking about their costumes are trying to do something zombie related. Well, there are a lot of ways to do your make-up, but here are videos of how to make those amazing zombie gashes on your faces ladies!


I am going as a zombified version of myself to the KLAQ Halloween parade this year and have been trying to figure out exactly how gory I want to get this year. The main thing I need to get is this liquid latex and start playing with it. I put two videos in here for your enjoyment. One, is how to do the lighter make-up, that focuses more on the blood and lets you really look pale and deathly. The other, shows you how to use the liquid latex to create wounds on your body and also a more dramatic make-up to go along with it. I will probably mix the two looks together to get the look I am going for, but use these tutorials for whatever zombie look you are going for! Just because you're a zombie doesn't mean you can look so good people want you to eat them.