Last week we showed some chick products that guys should try for themselves. Now, let's see what guy products might work for you ladies!

  • 1

    Men's Deodorant

    If you are not a fan of the flowery female version, try a male version. Less flowers and fluff, more plain old wetness protection.

    Axe Deodorant
  • 2


    My roommate is a total fan of using this. Her room always smells like a man. She just loves the smell of cologne over the girly perfumes out there. I just like that it always smells like she did a viking the night before in her room.

    Cool Water Cologne
  • 3

    Men's Razors

    This is one even I enjoy. Something about a guy's razor makes me think I am getting a closer shave and less likely to cut myself. Plus, the electric ones are super easy to use when you're in a hurry.

    Gillette Mach 3
  • 4

    Men's Sweatshirts

    Roomier and sometimes they can be thicker than the female versions. If you want to be extra comfy, I highly recommend buying one. Utep sweatshirt
  • 5

    Men's Socks

    For everyday use I am not a fan but I adore men's socks when I am exercising. They cushion my feet more and I wicks the sweat better. By far better for training!

    Nike Men's Workout Socks
  • 6


    A lot of women find them super comfy to sleep in. I've never tried but I might after this!

    Calvin Klein Boxers
  • 7

    Men's Sweatpants

    Roomier and more comfortable. Need I say more? Nike Sweatpants
  • 8

    Men's Shirts

    Bigger and they have better styles to choose from. Sorry, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I want to have every band tee I get in white or pink. The guys logos are usually more unisex, while the girl versions might as well have frilly lace and glitter. Plus, because they are bigger you can cut them up and re-size them to fit your exact figure. Graphic Tee