All you anxious people waiting to buy a PS4 might just cry after watching this video.

The almighty PS4 has been released and people are already giving up their lives to spend hours with this system. For some odd reason, one guy in Montreal, Canada decided to take his brand new PS4 and smash it in front of everyone who was still waiting to get one at a midnight release.

He doesn't explain why he decided to spend about $500 just to throw it on the ground but I took this act as some kind of political statement or he is on some kind of drugs. His audience seemed to be in shock but that didn't stop one guy to pick up some of the pieces and put them in his pocket.

Check out this guy screaming and smashing the glorious PS4 into millions of pieces while rocking a fur-lined hoodie. I have no idea what he is saying as he smashed it but I would cheer on the guy yelling at him in the audience.