As varied as the reasons for having a gun are, so are the people who have them!  Gun owners are often categorized as "conservative", "male" and "republican" among other things. It would seem democrats, (who actually make up 40% of gun owners) women, liberals, gays and other group must have no interest in owning one at all.

Pro gun demos, liberals and other "minority" groups do exist however and are forming gun groups of their own!

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Groups that cater to those who may not tow the typical, right wing line regarding guns such as Well Armed Woman, the Blue Steel Democrat, (Who will vote for a pro-gun republican over an anti gun democrat!), Liberals With GunsThe Liberal Gun ClubPink Pistols and American Gun Culture Report.

These groups exist for those who don't care for all the rhetoric, but that DO support the second amendment.  Liberal Gun Club head, Ed Gardner says:

Although liberal gun owners are presumed not to exist, they most certainly do."

Groups supporting a right for everyone, offering an environment for everyone . I like it!

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