Newest advancements in drug smuggling from Mexico show smugglers are using cannons to launch drugs from Mexico to the US where they are picked up by drug runners. The US is having a hard time combatting this new development, so plans to strike a deal with the cartels are now in place.

As of this morning, the US has placed several giant-sized clown mouths in the desert, just beyond the border. Smugglers who are able to knock all the teeth down from the clown’s mouth using the cannons filled with drugs are able to legally pass along drugs to runners. Smugglers who fail to knock down all 5 teeth will be shot.

Similar plans using bean bag tosses and milk jugs are still being worked out. No word on whether the mouths will be guarded by border patrol or carnies.






This post contains some satire and sarcasm. There are no clown mouths in the desert.