Football is at it's best when the players get tricky!

I've seen some cool plays over the years.  From bootlegs, to fake kicks to players lying down in the end zone ... you do what ya' gotta do!  Those NFL guys don't get to have all the fun though, college players can be just as tricky.  And usually funnier!

Arkansas State won the GoDaddy Bowl against Ball State (who the hell named that university?) 23-20.  They did it with the help of a trick play they call "Hide The Midget".

As the Arkansas State line got into position, 5-foot-10 inch receiver R.J. Fleming (henceforth known as "The Midget".) squatted down behind the monsters on the line.  As another player went into motion, Arkansas' quarterback Adam Kennedy handed the ball to Fleming. He made it 27 yards, helping to set up a touchdown for Arkansas.

I love stuff like that!