Join KLAQ's Great River Raft Race for a chance to win prizes and trophies, just for sailing down the Rio Grande! You are going to need a homemade raft or boat, so I have searched YouTube for some creative and inexpensive ways for you to create your own award winning vessel!

Head to the the cheapest store you can find and pick up one of those inflatable kid boats. This boat will only fit one person but it looks pretty damn comfortable.

Milk does a body good and the jugs are good for a raft! Instead of throwing away the jug you just chugged, use them as a foundation for your boat. The boat these guys built actually looks pretty comfortable.

Duct Tape can be used for anything! Hold together a door, your skin, probably even a weave! It also is the perfect material to make an awesome boat! These guys tried it first, so you know it is possible. They do make Duct Tape in almost every color and design now, so it's perfect for creative designs!

This guy is a genius. A weed eater isn't just to annoy neighbors anymore. Attach it to the back of an inflatable raft and BAM! You could probably go pretty fast and just relax your way to victory.