Street Fest is this upcoming weekend and if you're in El Paso there are only three acceptable excuses for missing it:

  1. You're incarcerated. (If so - Don't drop the soap!!)
  2. You're working at the liquor/energy drink/cigarette store I plan on frequenting before  hitting downtown.
  3. You're the naked guy living in the Franklin Mountains cave. Although he should totally come. (Naked guy, if you're reading this - you can get Street Fest tickets at area 7-11 Alon Stores!)

While I'm always excited to come to El Paso -- especially for a party -- I'm extra excited because Bush is headlining Friday night! (Totally fangirl squealed while writing that)

Bush was an important part of my adolescence. Even though they're still creating great music today, every time I hear Gavin Rossdale's scratchy voice I'm immediately taken back to being 14, sneaking sips of booze and moshing to Machine Head with my stuffed animals like a total badass.

I CANNOT wait to see them perform.  And I'm hoping I get the chance to yell at Mr. Rossdale for getting me in trouble with my ninth grade math teacher.

It was 1996. April, to be exact. I wasn't exactly my math teacher's favorite student - being that I don't understand math and all. And then Rolling Stone came out. And sprawled on the cover was a shirtless Gavin, seductively biting his finger like a Victoria's Secret model. So I bought every copy the store had, brought them home and set up crafting central on my bedroom floor. I carefully removed all the covers, laminated them and used them as covers for all my freshman textbooks.

I never stared more at my math book. My teacher should have been thrilled. But instead she told me it was inappropriate and demanded I reverse the cover and replace it with a paper bag one when I got home. I left inside-out Gavin on my books for the rest of the year. And I passed math. Barely.

When I heard Bush was performing at this year's Street Fest, I immediately ordered a copy of the April 1996 Rolling Stone off eBay. And then I created a stuffed animal mosh pit and put on Machine Head.

See you Friday at Street Fest, y'all!