Hee Hee ... made you look!  No free beer here, but I do have Motorcycle Monday for you.  Pretty exciting this past weekend in L. A. here's the shakedown:

Quiet on the local front this weekend, but that's gonna change here real soon.  Keep listening to The Q to keep up on what's happening locally as far as racing .. dirt and otherwise .. runs, special events and all things motorcycle!!
All the Supercross action this weekend ... in LA?!?!  Can you believe it??  For the first time ever, Supercross rox Dodger Stadium!!  And the bases were TOTALLY loaded.
Villopoto does it again in LA bringing "home" first place this weekend and holding on to the points lead as well! 
Bubba gets a little wide at one point and winds up in 6th. James is one of .. if not THE  .. fastest guy out there this year, but seems to always have one or two little things rock his boat.  And when you're up against guys like Dungy and Villopoto you can't tolerate a lot of boat rocking.  Those guys are like rattlesnakes .. quick to strike and ready to strike at ANY opportunity!!
In the main, Metcalf takes the holeshot with Dungy right on his aaaa .. well , you know. 
Stewart, Dungy and Villopoto bar to bar for this one ... Chad Reed goes down just after first turn. Stewart leads at first, but eventually wipes it and turns the lead over to Villopoto.  The big dogs .. the big 3 .. the holy trinity .. whatever you wanna call them, the top 3 guys in the sport (for the last couple of years really) are totally giving the crowd what they want. Banging bars and slinging dirt.  In the end there can be only one though and this weekend it's Ryan Villopoto!!
Stewart second, Dungy 3rd...  Dungy not doing as well as I had predicted, but for sure holding his own against insane competition. 
In the lites, the favorite .. Hansen .. gets a little shaken up and has to settle for 5th this week. 5th?!?!?!  LA is not his city ... 1st, 2nd, 3rd for the lites = Cole Seely, Eli Tomac and Ryan Morais.
Hansen still leads in points though with 62.  Broc Tickle has 59 and Seely rounds out the top 3 with 55
Top 3 Supercross has Villopoto pulling away with 72 points, Stewart adds up to 67 now and number 3 is Dungey with 58
There it went .. fastest couple of minutes in radio, Motorcycle Monday!  On 95-5, KLAQ!!