We have some great artists coming to town for Streetfest this year and I started digging around, seeing what they were all about.

While I was digging, I found some interesting facts about these guys that you might enjoy. So here are 5 things you may not have known about our Streetfest artists this year.

  • 1

    Gavin Rossdale is in the Sofia Coppola new movie, "The Bling Ring"

    Gavin Rossdale has some serious acting chops, showing them off in "The Bling Ring." This movie has received some great reviews and so has Gavin for his portrayal of "Ricky," a sleazy club owner who buys some of the stolen goods off the thieves.

  • 2

    Adelita's Way named after a brothel in Tijuana

    The band came up with the name when they were going to San Diego and somehow ended up in Mexico. Cops robbed the band but singer Rick was able to keep a little cash in his socks. They decided to stop into a bar called Adelita. There, they found the bar to be a brothel and were talked to some of the girls about why they did this for a living.

  • 3

    Tyler Bryant Sold his Dirtbike for an Electric Guitar at 11

    I guess sometimes even at a young age, you know what you are destined to do when you grow up. At the tender age of 11, Tyler knew what he wanted to do already and decided to sell his dirtbike his parents had just gotten him for Christmas and bought a red Epiphone Les Paul.

  • 4

    Lead Singer of Third Eye Blind was born in the Coachella Valley like me!

    Sure there may have been a few years between us being born (ok, more like 24 years between us), but lead singer of Third Eye Blind Stephan Jenkins was born in Indio, California. You may be familiar with Indio as the home of the world famous music festival Coachella. The valley is also not so famous for being the birthplace of me as well.

  • 5

    The Band Lit had 2 Other Names

    The band was originally formed in 1989 under the name of "Razzle," then when that band kind of fizzled, they came out under the name of "Stain" but had to change it when there was a band with the same name.