A news station in Fort Myers, FL. reported that Five Finger Death Punch was allegedly abusing a 9-year-old girl by bringing her on stage while they performed their song "Burn MFer". This is a dream come true for many fans of FFDP, but these reporters turned it into an outrageous accusation.

**Editor's note - Wink News asked that we not embed their news story into this blog. Instead you can find their report here.**

These news reporters need to lighten up. They probably think rock is the devil's music and if you play the lyrics backwards, you will awaken Satan. They quote an attorney on his opinion of the incident and he seems to be the one who started to call this concert tradition a form of abuse and believes they are using this girl as a prop. Only in Florida can someone like Casey Anthony be set free, but a full on desperate-for-TV-ratings witch hunt will be launched if a band asks your kids to curse. You picked a real gem attorney there, WINK News.

The video that was taken during the Lee County concert shows Ivan Moody hugging little Olivia as he gets the crowd into singing along to "Burn MFer" and asks her to sing along. Notice Ivan also gives her a loving kiss on the forehead when he notices she is nervous standing in front of the crowd.

Her father, Mark Douglas was the one recording the experience and didn't see anything wrong with his daughter singing along. He believed that she already knows every curse word their is and has probably see worse things on television. Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott was very vocal after the incident by telling WINK news, "Words can't describe my disgust, and this should never, ever be allowed in a county park."

FFDP have been pulling kids up on stage for years now. Here they are in asking kids to rock out on stage in 2012.

Luckily, real rock music fans don't see what the problem is and they attacked WINK News on Facebook for acting like prudes.


I find it touching when rock bands acknowledge the kids that are in the crowd and thank parents for bringing their kids to see real music. If you find this abuse, you might as well throw out your television and hide your kid from any form of media. WINK news needs to research a band before they start accusing them of abusing children. People like the WINK news team are part of the reason why rock music continues to have a bad reputation but yet society is cool with letting children idolize entertainers like Miley and Bieber.

Ivan actually spoke about this incident to another radio station so here's his side of the story.

We will happily welcome FFDP on May 25th when they perform at the KLAQ Balloonfest.