Mustang owners are a dedicated bunch.  The first one ever sold is still running and still has the same driver!!

The Ford Mustang is easily one of the most iconic cars of all time.  Gail Wise bought the very first one in '64 and she's still driving it!  She wanted a different convertible but the local dealer didn't have any and instead showed her a new model he had in the back under a tarp.  Gail loved what she saw but, the dealer wasn't supposed to sell it yet.  (Gail talked him into it though!)

Gail eventually met and married Tom Wise.  As their family grew, Gail had to switch to a station wagon and Hubby Tom wound up driving the Mustang.  When it broke down, Tom had to park it until he could fix it.  (He works on the same "I'll get to it" schedule as me apparently because it sat for 27 years until he did.)

Fully restored now, it runs great, looks great and still makes other Mustang owners drool!