Five Finger Death Punch's drummer Jeremy Spencer is a very unique character. Not only is he an amazing award-winning drummer but he has a redneck side that I am hoping he is going to bring to the KLAQ Balloonfest.

Beyonce may have Sasha Fierce as her alter ego but Spencer has Uncle Colt, a crazy redneck who chases "big-boobied dreams" with his pal Cletus, played by Bobby Watson of Second City Chicago.

These two consider themselves "the modern day redneck Beavis & Butthead." They pop up every now and then in videos Spencer publishes to YouTube. They already have pretty famous friends but they have to clean the yard before they can party with them. Check out the craziness that hopefully will come to the KLAQ Balloonfest when Spencer and the guys perfom on the second day, May 25th.