Fellow "Facers", check out these cool tricks to make your "facing" easier.  Or quicker.  Or something .....

Facebook has become such a fixture in our lives, it's hard to remember when we didn't have it.  Can you recall the agony of waiting for your Chicos Tacos and not having anything to do but wait?   Or sitting in the dark at Carmike Theater and not telling ALL you friends what you were seeing?

Or maybe dropping a spoiler or two: (WARNING: Spoiler dead ahead!) "OMG, I can't believe Maleficent kisses the princess and wakes her up instead of the Prince!!"  LOL.

Those were truly dark days folks.  Thankfully, facebook was invented and has since .. along with texting .. removed pretty much all direct human interaction from our lives. Here's how to post, share and "Like" all the things we used to actually talk to each other about faster!

For those of you who can't resist telling your peeps how hot out it is, showing them your lunch or posting the billionth photo of whoever in your family graduated; here are a few shortcuts I found on Yahoo to make "facing" quicker!!

  • j and k: Tab down and up between posts. Press j to go to the next post; press k to go up to the previous post. You’ll know you have selected a post because a thick black line will show up to the left of that post.
  • l: Like or unlike a selected story.
  • c: Comment on a selected story.
  • s: Share a selected story.
  • o: Open the attachment of a selected story.
  • p: Post a status. Press p to get your cursor in the new status box and start typing.
  • / (slash):Open up the search box.
  • q: Search chat contacts.
  • Enter: Tab from the tagging, location, or feeling sections to the text box when making a post.

If you forget any of these, open the list of shortcuts on your news feed to continue removing yourself from the physical world as quickly as possible!