I am hooked on 2 of them ... but I can't seem to 'want' to get into more.


I remember when I first opened up my Facebook page, (I think it was 2009) I had myspace then ... if anyone remembers that. One of the first (and only) games I got hooked on was Farmville. I still remember sitting in my office at work texting my friends to send me gifts. Just about 60% of them had Farmville and were just as hooked. When Farmville would introduce a new animal, I would post a comment on my friend Shelly's page to urgently let her know.

Now time has passed and Farmville is not as popular as it was then. Little by little it died out.

A couple of months ago I got an invite to another game: Bejeweled Blitz. Considering I have that game on my laptop, I accepted ... Hooked! In an ad below that game I saw Solitaire Blitz. Decided to try it out ... Hooked! The last invite I received that I decided to try out was for Tetris Battle ... Hooked! Oh how that brought back memories when I had a Game Boy (yeah, I went there).

I stopped playing Solitaire Blitz not so long ago as it doesn't have that 'umf' anymore. But I can honestly admit Bejeweled and Tetris have me dazed.

Now, I do receive a bunch of game requests everyday for Farmville, Candy Crush, Words with Friends, Game of Thrones, Despicable Me to name a few, but I just don't want to try them because I know it will stick.

So what games are you hooked on? What relaxes you as you take your five minute breather from your every day life? Or are you just that fed up with the Facebook game requests?