An El Pasoan was recently sentenced for peeing on the Alamo and he will spend over a year in jail. DO you think his sentence was too severe?

Joe Raedle/ Getty Images

Daniel Athens is a 23 year old who lives here in El Paso and after a drunken night of partying, he made a huge mistake. Athens, according to friends, accidentally picked the wrong spot to pee in San Antonio. After being arrested in 2012, things really started looking serious, when officials took samples of the limestone on the Alamo were taken, and it was decided that the urine could ruin the facade of the structure. Athens has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. He was spared an additional 6 months because he pled guilty. He is not eligible for parole, which means he will have to serve the entire 18 months of his sentence. In addition to the 18 months in jail, Athens also has to pay $4,000 dollars in restitution for damaging the limestone of the Alamo. Sounds pretty extreme for one drunken night.

What do you think? Was the sentence for Daniel Athens too harsh? Should he have been given a long probation sentence instead? Or maybe a steep fine to pay? Or toes the punishment fit the crime? Vote what you think in the poll below!